Interviews and K-Pop

I’ve been spending my days finally finishing up my TEFL/TESOL work and having phone interviews with recruiters/schools at night.  I was offered a contract at the school I interviewed with last Thursday but they won’t do pension so I’m not going to take it. I had one interview lined up that was rescheduled for tonight and I was going to do it, but decided not to because it’s with a YBM ECC and I’ve just heard too many bad things. I know I can’t only go by the name but it wasn’t exactly what I wanted anyway so I’m not going to risk it. I have a Skype interview Sunday night for a position in Jamsil. Not the area I wanted, but everything sounds good. It’s bad enough I’m nervous doing phone interviews but this Skype interview is even more nerve-wracking. Moving to another country where I’m not fluent in the language? No problem. Talking on the phone to English speaking people? Freaking out!

Two of my October weekends have included K-Pop concerts. I was originally reluctant to talk about my interest in Korean entertainment because I’m aware how many perceive those with such interests due to the crazy fans out there or the people only interested in Korea because of the entertainers. However, I am not like that even though it is a big part of my life. In fact, although I was introduced to k-pop in middle school, I was only a casual listener back then. I didn’t get really into the music or the dramas and movies until after I found out about teaching overseas and was considering Korea. Besides, this is my blog to track my journey into Korea and I can write about whatever I want. I try not to judge other people’s interests and I shouldn’t really care if anyone judges mine. So, my next two entries are going to be about those concerts because they were pretty awesome.